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Supplier Homepage > Products > 100% original bosch wiper blade
100% original bosch wiper blade
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product: view count: 41100% original bosch wiper blade 
unit price: Negotiable
min amount:
period for delivery: Consignment Deadline days
Expiry date: Long Effective
last update: 2017-11-17 02:31
100% original bosch wiper blade BOSCH boneless wipers boneless wiper blade BOSCH windshield wipers Good price windshield wiper blades U type connector/U connector hook connector fully metal support/metal body/rubber body etc Suitable for Volkswagen VW wiper blade,BUICK wipers,Chevrolet,Peugeot wiper blades,Citroen, Ford, Mazda, Honda wiper size, KIA wiper blades. Bosch high quality wipe blades are also suitable for Nissan, FIAT etc. Bosch AEROTWIN--boneless wiper blade 33970085407KH 14" 350mm 33970081007KH 16" 400mm 33970081107KH 17" 425mm 33970081017KH 18" 450mm 33970081027KH 19" 475mm 33970081037KH 20" 500mm 33970081117KH 21" 525mm 33970081047KH 22" 550mm 33970081057KH 24" 600mm 33970081067KH 26" 650mm 33970081127KH 28" 700mm 33970085768CT 15" 375mm 33970085778CT 16" 400mm 33970085798CT 18" 450mm 33970085808CT 19" 475mm 33970085818CT 20" 500mm 33970085828CT 21" 525mm 33970085838CT 22" 550mm 33970085848CT 23" 575mm 33970085858CT 24" 600mm 33970085878CT 26" 650mm 33970085888CT 28" 700mm BOSCH boneless wiper blade 33970084457CE 13.5" 337.5mm 33970084467CE 15" 375mm 33970084477CE 16" 400mm 33970084487CE 17" 425mm 33970084497CE 18" 450mm 33970084507CE 19" 475mm 33970084517CE 20" 500mm 33970084527CE 21" 525mm 33970084537CE 22" 550mm 33970084547CE 24" 600mm 33970084557CE 26" 650mm 33970084567CE 28" 700mm HUOYI--Metal Material 33970111697CD 16" 400mm 33970111707CD 17" 425mm 33970111717CD 18" 450mm 33970111727CD 19" 475mm 33970111737CD 20" 500mm 33970111747CD 21" 525mm 33970111757CD 22" 550mm 33970111767CD 24" 600mm 33970111777CD 26" 650mm
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